Personality Test Extraversion (E) or Introversion (I) is to determine the first letter of your four-lettered Myers-Briggs personality type.


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    If I had something to discuss with someone I would prefer to:

    • Send an e-mail.
    • Talk face to face.
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    You and your classmates have a deadline, you prefer to:

    • Brainstorm ideas together.
    • Brainstorm ideas seperately.
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    I would describe myself as:

    • Having many interests.
    • Having a (few) particular interest(s).
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    I would say I get most of my energy from being:

    • Social.
    • By myself.
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    Which one of these two words describes you better?

    • ‘Assertive’
    • ‘Private’
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    Taking the initiative is something I regularly do.

    • Yes, I do.
    • No, I don’t.
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    I would say:

    • I am more motivated by people and things.
    • I am more motivated by ideas or fantasies.
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    I prefer:

    • Talking in a group of people.
    • Having a one on one conversation.
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    When there’s a problem I tend to:

    • Try to think of a solution.
    • Actively start trying to solve the problem.
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    Choose one:

    • ‘Interaction’
    • ‘Reflection’
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    You’re in a coffeeshop with a friend, they have some good news, while your friends is telling you the news a waitress drops a cup of coffee near you. What do you do?

    • I stay focussed, my friend is telling me something important.
    • I need to see what’s happening and then I will go back to listening to my friend.
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    I prefer to:

    • Think out loud.
    • Think inside my head.