The body language quiz at the end of this page is designed to figure out if you are skilled in reading subtle body language signs. It is a very short quiz which you can do in a minute.

Body language is really fascinating.

Immediately after we’re born we start with it: people watching. Gradually we learn to interpret social rules and body language, so that we can fit into the group and see who is good – or bad – for us.

You will probably have noticed that recognizing someone’s feelings based only on their posture can be quite the challenge. Several meanings are possible. You would only know the difference if you could see the facial expression in combination with posture.

For example, someone who crosses their arms when they are cold. Crosses their arms because… they are cold. But someone, who crosses their arms in an argument is in a sense ‘closing themselves off’.


Body postures are less easy to interpret than facial expressions

Although we can certainly recognise certain patterns. Posture is less related to the expression of emotions than facial expressions, but is usually seen as an indicator of how relaxed a person is.

Through posture – slouching or standing upright, turned towards another person or turned away – a person says a lot about how they feel and how they stand in relation to the other person.
Depressed people express their feelings of depression to a large extent through their posture: slumped, sagging shoulders, and an averted body. Meople suffering from depression make little eye contact. Their posture radiates that they have little interest in everything and everyone around them. As you can imagine, people who are not depressed, and who are full of self-confidence, show a much different posture.

A nervous person might slouch, a confident person will walk forward with his or her head slightly lifted.

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Answer the questions in this short quiz to discover how good you are at observing people and body language.


  • Question of

    Who’s better at reading body language?

    • Women
    • Men
    • Equal
  • Question of

    What type of woman gets the most attention?

    • The one who acts hard-to-get.
    • The one who flirts.
    • The one who keeps her distance.
  • Question of

    What happens when a man and woman approach each other?

    • They get nervous and look away a lot.
    • They can barely turn their gaze away from each other.
    • They start looking visibly younger.
  • Question of

    Who usually initiates flirting?

    • Men
    • Women
  • Question of

    What is the outcome of a successful flirtation signal?

    • The other party starts to appear more masculine/feminine depending on how they identify.
    • The other party starts to behave more like yourself.
    • It makes the other party laugh.
  • Question of

    Looking someone straight into their eyes when they’re talking to you is:

    • … rude!
    • a sign of respect.
    • it depends on the culture.