Myers-Briggs Personality test

ESTP: Extrovert-Sensor-Thinker-Perceiver 

Extraverts (E) are jovial, energetic and action-oriented. They are passionate, enthusiastic, expressive and eloquent. 

Sensors (S) live in the now. They rely on factual information and evidence, they are capable of dealing with practical matters, and they enjoy it when things are concrete and measurable. 

Thinkers (T) make decisions based on logic and non-personal evaluation. They use their brain to think and not their hearts. 

Perceivers (P) prefer a spontaneous, flexible and versatile lifestyle. They prefer an unstructured environment and they like to keep all options open. 

An ESTP in a nutshell:

ESTPs are adventurous in life. With an ESTP type nearby, there is always something going on!

Light, camera, action!

For an ESTP, life is not a repetition, so everyone has to work hard to make it happen! 

People quickly feel attracted to an ESTP and that’s nice, because ESTPs need others.

They are energetic, warm-hearted, kind, enthusiastic and have a great sense of humor.

ESTP’s are focused primarily on the right here and now. Their life motto or philosophy could just be never let an opportunity pass you by!

They have the intrinsic need to be a do-er: someone who is always physically and mentally active.

They want to be involved in a wide variety of activities in which as many people as possible participate. Yet at the same time, people who know them well know that, despite this constant flow of energy, ESTPs can also be logical and controlled. 

Some experts in personality types see ESTPs as superheroes. Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s an ESTP!