Myers-Briggs Personality test

ESFJ: Extrovert -Sensor-Feeler-Judger 

Extraverts (E) are jovial, energetic and action-oriented. They are passionate, enthusiastic, expressive and eloquent. 

Sensors (S) live in the now. They rely on factual information and evidence, they are capable of dealing with practical matters, and they enjoy it when things are concrete and measurable. 

Feelers (F) let their feelings and emotions play a vital role since they always make sure others are taken into account. 

Judgers (J) prefer a lifestyle that is energetic, planned and ordered. They like an organized and controlled life. 

An ESFJ in a nutshell:

ESFJs jut love people. They are jovial, kind and genuinely interested in others. They like to like people and have the special ability to bring out the best in others.

People like to be around them because they have the gift to make others feel good about themselves. 

ESFJs are optimistic, generous spirits who often take care of the underdog and others who need someone to stand up for them.

Giving is their main motivation and they are always in search of ways to improve situations and people. People often think that an ESFJ is someone who undoubtedly gives his or her last penny away. 

The energetic sympathy an ESFJ has for people is compensated by a practical, businesslike attitude. ESFJ personality types prefer to finish things right away.

They are equipped with a strong sense of justice and a natural sense of right and wrong.

They think it’s important to stick to the rules, they watch their step and they expect the rest of the world to do the same.

So if someone upsets them by breaking the rules, they will certainly be told. 

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