Myers-Briggs Personality test

ENTP: Extravert-Intuitive-Thinker-Perceiver (Debater)

Extraverts (E) are jovial, energetic and action-oriented. They are passionate, enthusiastic, expressive and eloquent.

Intuitives (N) pay more attention to imaginative and original information. Intuitives are focused on the future

Thinkers (T) make decisions based on logic and non-personal evaluation. They use their brain to think and not their hearts.

Perceivers (P) prefer a spontaneous, flexible and versatile lifestyle. They prefer an unstructured environment and they like to keep all options open.

An ENTP in a nutshell:

ENTPs are extremely dynamic people who will stay true to their beloved saying: Persistence prevails!

They like to be hospitable: they bring people together, they put them at ease and thus ensure lively, convivial gatherings.

They like to understand people rather than judge them.

The style of an ENTP can be described as self-confident, dynamic, energetic, infectious and sparkling.

ENTPs are sociable talkers who like to talk and have discussions with others. They love to laugh and they love to do it as often as possible.

ENTPs have the ability to understand people and situations intuitively: they seem to understand things quickly and thoroughly. When ENTPs’ intuition runs at full speed, it provides inspiration, both for themselves and for others.

They like to motivate others to go one step further: be a winnner, and don’t settle for second place.

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