Myers-Briggs Personality test

ENTJ: Extravert-Intuitive-Thinker-Judger

Extraverts (E) are jovial, energetic and action-oriented. They are passionate, enthusiastic, expressive and eloquent.

Intuitives (N) pay more attention to imaginative and original information. Intuitives are focused on the future.

Thinkers (T) make decisions based on logic and non-personal evaluation. They use their brain to think and not their hearts.

Judgers (J) prefer a lifestyle that is energetic, planned and ordered. They like an organized and controlled life.

An ENTJ in a nutshell:

ENTJ’s are born leaders. The motivation to be a leader is so strong that they sometimes find it difficult not to take the lead.

Their position is naturally at the head of the group, from where they keep everyone together and move the group forward. ENTJs rarely settle for an inconspicuous spot in the background.

They make high demands both of themselves and of others. In their minds they always have a list of things they want to learn, achieve and master.

ENTJs are intensely analytical.

Being logical, impartial and objective is as self-evident to them as breathing.

Problems inspire them: they like to look for solutions by logical and objective critical thinking. The energetic and positive actions of ENTJs leave the other personality types in awe.

ENTJs have difficulty coping with uncertainty, inefficiency and confusion. They are not afraid to make level-headed decisions and to take tough measures whenever necessary.