Myers-Briggs Personality test

INTP: Introvert-Intuitive-Thinker-Perceiver

Introverts (I) tend to be contemplative, reserved and withdrawn. It is a widespread misconception that Introverts are shy: they don’t have to be. They draw their energy from their own thoughts and from the time they spend alone. Introverts do not have a cund them all the time.

Intuitives (N) pay more attention to imaginative and original information. Intuitives are focused on the future.

Thinkers (T) make decisions based on logic and non-personal evaluation. They use their brain to think and not their hearts.

Perceivers (P) prefer a spontaneous, flexible and versatile lifestyle. They prefer an unstructured environment and they like to keep all options open.

An INTP in a nutshell:

INTPs are, intellectually speaking, perhaps the most profound of all personality types.

People who know INTPs will describe them as innovative and resourceful.

They live in a multifaceted inner worlds, full of imagination and stimuli.

They sometimes find the outside world less interesting. As a result, others sometimes think they come across as rather restrained and reserved.

The distinguishing characteristics of INTPs are imagination, originality, attentiveness and creativity and they love to throw themselves into complex matters.

They are interested in theoretical reasoning, analysis and learning. They thrive when they can discover, understand and explain how the world works.

INTPs have a logical, rational mind: this means that they are often one step ahead of others and are usually intellectually rated higher.

They are highly motivated to challenge themselves in delivering top performance. They tend to be rather sceptical and focus on the future rather than the past.