Ask yourself these 28 Questions.

28 questions to ask yourself in life!

Have you ever experienced a mental block that disturbed your outlook on life, happiness and your relationships with others? Have you ever stood at a point in life where you were faced with the challenge of making important decisions and you didn’t know what to do or what factors to consider in order to make the right choice? Or do you simply need change and don’t know which direction to take? 

“A good question is worth more than a thousand mediocre answers”  

For these and many other reasons, it may be helpful to ask yourself these 28 perspective widening questions. There are no right or wrong answers to these questions; they will simply help you get rid of limiting and negative thoughts that cloud your mind and prevent you from thinking clearly. 

Take your time to reflect and really think about what’s asked. Some questions may seem a bit … how can I put it… annoying? It’s normal to feel that way, it’s your brain telling you ‘I really don’t want to be thinking about that’, which is good…

1. Does my real age match how old I feel?  

2. If life is so short, why do I do so many things I don’t like and always postpone the things I really want to do?  

3. When everything is over and done with, have I spent more time saying things or doing things?  

4. Do I worry if I am doing what I am doing the right way; or do I worry if I am doing the right things at all? 

5. If I could change one thing in the world, just one thing, what would I change? 

6. If happiness was a currency, what would I do to get rich? 

7. Do I make an effort to do what I want or do I act on conformity? 

8. To what extent do I have control over my own life? 

9. What do I do when someone I respect or admire criticizes me or treats me unkindly or unfairly? 

10. If you could give someone just one piece of advice that would change their life completely, what advice would that be? 

11. How many times in the past has a genius been considered a lunatic? 

12. What can I do that others can’t? 

13. What things do I want to do that I still haven’t done? What’s stopping me? 

14. What am I holding on to that keeps me from moving forward? 

15. Does it really matter what happened in the past? 

16. Why am I who I am? 

17. Am I the kind of friend I’d like to have myself? 

18. What is the thing I am most grateful for in life? 

19. What is the happiest moment of my childhood? … No really, what’s the happiest moment of my childhood? 

20. If not now, then when? 

21. If I still haven’t realized my dreams, what am I waiting for? 

22. Can I allow myself to wait, or is it important that I act now? 

23. Do I feel like I’ve experienced this day hundreds of times? 

24. If tomorrow were the end of the world, who would I spend my day with today? 

25. What is the difference between being existing and being alive? 

26. If I know I can learn from my mistakes, why am I so afraid to fail? 

27. How would I behave myself if I was the only one there to judge my behavior? 

28. Do I make my own choices or do I let others choose for me? 

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